Philip Smith-Lawrence


I have been active in the renewables industry for over 4 years. I act as an independent consultant to end users of renewable technologies and provide cost effective, energy efficient products to the commercial sector.

One technology that is new to the UK market place is the Biomass/CHP Wood Pellet Unit 22kWe – 55kWth that can produce in excess of £40k savings PA.

This Biomass/CHP unit is manufactured by Entrade Energiesysteme AG of Germany and the UK approved bespoke install/system designer and installer is TWPower Ltd  who are part of Tomkinson Heating Ltd

Sheffield International Venues recently installed a CHP unit at Hillsborough Leisure Centre and as a result of the CHP installation, energy costs are projected to be cut by 30%.

Read about it here: SIV goes green to cut energy costs.


EnergySaver – Making warmth more affordable with proven savings = reduced fuel costs = less CO2 emissions.

When EnergySaver is installed into a wet heating system it has proven savings on heating costs of up to 18%.


                     EnergySaver Case study:  

Header Image Courtesy of Entrade Energiesysteme AG and TWPower Ltd.

Biomass/CHP unit in the image is:

Entrade E3 Wood Pellet CHP System – 22kWe, 55kWth