What is Biomass/CHP?



A micro-biomass generator for decentralised energy generation, with an installed capacity of up to 22 kilowatts (kW) and a heat output of up to 55 kW.

The unit generates electricity, heating, and optionally cooling from biomass products exactly where it is needed.

We offer electrical and thermal energy; cleaner, cheaper and greener than from a Diesel Generator or unreliable power grids.

The biomass gasification plant produces syngas from biomass pellets/chip. This gas is cleaned by a filter mechanism and burned in a GM motor, which drives the generator.

The generated electricity can be used locally in an off-grid mode or can be connected to the power grid. The generated heat is mainly used for heating purposes or for biomass drying.

Also on offer is a power and cooling solution in which the generated heat is used to power a cooling system.

Header Image Courtesy of Entrade Energiesysteme AG and TWPower Ltd.

Biomass/CHP unit in the image is:

Entrade E3 Wood Pellet CHP System – 22kWe, 55kWth

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